Dec 24, 2015

Dear Self: Bless Up

You are blessed, in many ways.
I don't think you are fully aware of all that you have been blessed with.
Like most people, you do not know your full potential thus you are not living up to your full potential.
It is not a bad thing, it just allows more room for growth and understanding.
But today, you seem more aware.
Aware of your blessings and your intangible gift this Christmas.
This year alone you mustered up the strength to light the fire within you.
You did that on your own, no first love or last love could have helped you with that.
And because you did it on your own, no one else will have the power to let that fire burn out.
That light within you is your gift.
Without that light you would not be healing, you would not be closer to your happy and you would not be touching the souls of others.
That is a gift you cannot buy at the shopping malls.
Bob Marely knows.
Listen to his words and embrace the meaning of them.
He speaks to you with gentleness in his voice to let you know that you may not have a hefty bank account or a brand new car but you have something worth much more this Christmas.
You have your voice.
Keep using your voice on every platform reachable to spread your light to others.
You do not know all the answers but your experiences have taught you a lot and you are willing to share those lessons with others.
You are amazing for that. You are wealthy for that.
So maybe you don't have any gifts under the Christmas tree this year. So what.
You are the gift.
Bless up queen. 

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