Dec 4, 2015

Dear Self: A Letter to Dad


I hope you are doing well. We both seem too familiar with this same scenario. Here I am, writing a letter to another jail cell and there you are reading this letter. Probably feeling disappointed in yourself and upset with your current situation. But you are not to blame. We both fell victim to a system. A system that was never built around our success, only our failure and pain. A system that keeps black men down in the gutter and a system that keeps black women on the other side of the fence feeling let down and lonely. It's sad but it is true in many ways. This is not to say that you are not to blame for your actions, because you are. But it is a broader picture that I am now seeing. The Kings of the world overcome this system and find success and happiness. The Queens do to. We, me and you, have to find our kingdom within ourselves in order to follow into their footsteps. We haven't found it, yet.

But yes, I'm fine. I'm doing just fine. Working hard and staying focused on my dreams, my goals. To make something of myself and my life. If you being behind bars taught me anything, it taught me to push harder and want better for myself. And for that lesson, I love you.

But yes, I got promoted at my job so I am now the Assistant Manager at a boutique in Alexandria. I am loving it so far. I meet so many great people there and I work with some amazing individuals as well. Oh, I am single now. You remember the boy you met a while back? Well, he is out of the picture. At first, I wasn't okay with it but now I am fine with it. We were not compatible I guess. My king will find me soon, not that I am looking at this point.

There is so much I want to ask. If we had a true father-daughter bond I would have felt comfortable enough to ask a long time ago. But we don't. We never truly did. I guess I just want to ask you did we get here, again?


Your daughter, Patience.

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