Dec 27, 2015

S K I N PT.2

Hey there, it's the vulnerable side of me again. I love you all so much because I feel so comfortable sharing my weakest moments with you. I know that you will respect my words and emotions when I share things like this with you so before jumping into this, I want to say thank you. 

Well, let's begin shall we. So for those who follow me on Instagram, you may have read my birthday post on 12/12. It was not a normal yippie do da birthday post for sure. It was me unraveling the truth about birthdays in my eyes. If you haven't read it, go read it right away-- My Instagram. 

I brought that up because I am completely annoyed by my skin. I had an extremely bad acne breakout a few days before my birthday and it freaked me out. I have been working on getting and maintaining clear skin for 5 years now and I felt like I had it down until this happened. Ugh! It makes me so upset. I don't understand why my skin doesn't love me the way I love it. I mean really. I eat my veggies (lies), I drink a ton of water (not really) and I use essential oils only on my skin (somewhat the truth). So why is it not beautiful and glowing at this point? It pisses me off. I know I am not treating my skin extremely well but I have been doing for the past few months and still I get a huge breakout. Why me? 

Acne is one of the worst battles I have been fighting since middle school. I feel like the same 12 year old girl I was before, getting picked on in the cafeteria because "proactive is the only thing that can save that pimple face". Every time I look in the mirror now I see nothing but pimples and discolored spots all over my face. I hate it. How can I feel pretty when all I feel is people starting at the huge planet on my nose. They probably aren't really starting but you know the feeling. 

I guess this post is really just a rant. But for those suffering from acne prone skin just know that you are not alone with this battle. I know it can be so annoying and tedious. You find one thing that works and then eventually your skin just doesn't like it anymore so its back to the drawing board. I know my dermatologist hates me because I have them on speed dial now. I need answers and quick!

For now, I decided not to wear any make-up, besides mascara, and be sure to wipe down my phone with alcohol swaps, clean my pillow case once a week and sterilize my spin brush once a week. I am also eating more veggies and fruits and drinking nothing but water and organic teas. Gosh, I hope that helps some. Any-who, my rant is over. 

Thanks for listening.

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