Jan 27, 2016

SKIN PT. 3- A Social Experiment

Lets talk shall we. Women are the most amazing beings on this planet. Created to carry life and to nourish life. But men don't fully embrace "womenism" and all that it comes with, which makes us feel unworthy and unloved. This morning I woke up feeling beautiful and whole. I decided to embrace my body fully and capture the moment. I am not a nudist, I am not an advocate for young women showing off their bodies for fame or popularity but I am an advocate for inspiration and motivation.

This social experiment is to see how many people will report, hate or unfollow me because of the simple fact that I chose to publicly embrace my body. This world has completely redefined the anatomy of a woman. They see our bodies as sex symbols. Made to please them and only made to please them. News flash idiots, we are not a sex symbol.

I will not apologize if my body brings you discomfort or pleasure. I will not apologize if my body brings you confusion. I will not apologize for any of it. I am a woman. I have stretch-marks and cellulite, and I bleed each month and my nipples point outward so that they can fit easily into my future child's mouth. I am a woman. I am not a painting, a piece of art or an advertisement. I am a woman. I have bags underneath my eyes and acne on my face, and hair underneath my arms, my legs and even on my knuckles. I am a woman. I have a brain. I am a woman. I am not perfect in your eyes but I was made perfectly by God.  I am a woman who hopes to motivate other women to embrace their bodies.

Love your self babygirl.

Jan 25, 2016

Carnival In A Small Town

Photography by Joshua Shelton

This Lookbook is far from ordinary which is just what we need after a snowed in weekend. I for one am more than thrilled to share this Lookbook with you. This outfit was styled with my "1 shoe, 1 trend, 3 ways" post in mind. Rather than trying to explain it to you all, I figured it would be better to show you.  As mentioned in the style tip post, my 5050 boots are my current favorites for the winter. I have mainly been wearing them with leggings and oversized sweaters but paired with this midi skirt, they take on a different vibe.

I am feeling very impressionistic in this look and it did not take much to style. The key for me was to add sophistication into the outfit. The midi skirt and the boots seem a bit casual if you consider pairing it with a sweater. But when you add in the turtleneck and the blazer you take the look to a more sophisticated level. The leather gloves was simply to keep my hands from falling off in the cold, but to my surprise they fit perfectly.


Blazer- purchased from H&M for around $25.
Turtleneck- purchased form H&M for $20.
Skirt- purchased from Missguided for $20.
Boots- purchased from The Shoe Hive for $655.
Gloves- purchased from The Shoe Hive on sale for $80.

Jan 23, 2016

Snow Day Clean Out

It's only day one of Snowstorm Jonas and we almost ran out of things to do. Then my mom came up with the brilliant idea to clean out her closet. We have been wanting to do this for a very long time but we could never find a good day to do so. So what better way to spend this snowed in weekend!
We really did not have any direction for this closet cleanout besides get rid of what has no purpose. My mother's closet is pretty insane! I could not get a before picture because we pretty much dove right into it. Trust me when I say, she really, REALLY needed this cleanout. She had things from years ago that still had the tags on them. But she told me in-between my "no way" and "throw it out" that she needed this clean out. She told me that she felt cleansed and liberated.
As we sorted through her clothing rack and walk in closet we made two piles. One pile would be donated to a women's shelter and Goodwill while the other pile would be consigned. We put everything that was still in style and in good condition into the consignment pile and we put everything that was fashionably expired or purposeless in her wardrobe into the donation pile. Just to give you an idea, the donation pile was much bigger than the consignment pile. She is kind of a fashion hoarder. But so am I and I am sure some of you can relate as well. This is the perfect thing to do as you are snowed in this weekend. It doesn't take long and you can make it as fun and quirky as you would like.


 Now how did we decipher through her wardrobe, you ask. It was no easy task. Especially given that she pretty much wanted to keep everything. If there was ever any question about a piece of clothing, I would ask her "when was the last time you wore it." If the answer was more than a year ago, it was no longer serving any purpose in her wardrobe. We all have those pieces that we have not worn but are just holding on to for whatever reason. It is time to let those pieces go! It may be hard to get rid of some "statement" pieces but just consider how happy they will make someone who is less fortunate. If you have jeans that are ripped, sweaters that are linty, shoes that are worn out, or clothes that are still tagged deep in your closet, most likely they are worth giving away or consigning for some extra cash.

Statement Pieces She No Longer Needs
 Statement Pieces Worth Keeping
After cleaning out her closet, 3 bins of shoes, a clothing rack and a shoe rack, she still had a great collection of staple items, knitwear, outerwear and shoes that will last her until next year's clean out. Now she is able to see all of her clothing and shoes and it only took about 2-3 hours to complete  plus it was super fun to do. You should give it a try!

Happy Snow Day Clean Out!


Jan 21, 2016

Snow Princess

Photography by Joshua Shelton
Happy Thursday! I hope you all are safe and cozy in preparation for this crazy snow storm that is coming our way. Lucky for me, I was able to dress up and prance around downtown before the snow fall. I haven't dressed up in a while and because I don't really go out much I took this opportunity and ran with it. Sometimes us girls need to just doll ourselves up and head out with no place to go. I know I am not the only one who does this. I love feeling like a princess and this look is my ideal snow princess attire!

All of the pieces in this look are pure perfection. I usually do not go for loud pieces in my wardrobe but I made an exception. I consider the dress, choker necklace and shoes in this outfit statement pieces. This Free People dress is the same dress I wore for my birthday in CancĂșn. I never considered incorporating it into my winter wardrobe until I found these heeled knee high boots from Topshop. They were the perfect match to complete the perfect look with the dress. The choker necklace is the bread and butter in the entire look. It accentuates the low v-neck and the overall design of the dress. To sum it all up, I feel nothing less than beautiful in this look.

Dress- purchased on sale for $45 from Free People
Boots- purchased from Topshop for $110
Handbag- purchased from Steve Madden for $25
Choker- purchased from Free People for $35
I hope you all enjoyed this Lookbook. I hope this inspires you all to embrace your inner snow princess this weekend. Be sure to stay safe and stay in if at all possible during this storm. Read a book, read a blog, embrace the quietness.
Much love!

Jan 19, 2016

1 Shoe, 1 Trend, 3 Ways

1 Shoe, 1 Trend, 3 Ways

Baby, it's cold outside! Too damn cold that is. I am not built for this weather. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it *stomps feet and cries*. Well, enough of that. There isn't much we can do about the weather besides dress appropriately. Working in a shoe store has helped me figure out that the best way to stay warm in 20 (and below) degree weather is to wear cashmere socks and tall boots. Not the cheap boots either, you invest in a pair of well-made boots that will last you more than one winter season. Now I am usually a cheap skate but after trying on a pair of the 5050 Stuart Weitzman boots at The Shoe Hive, I decided I had to have them. And I could not be happier with my purchase! They are truly the best sleek black boot I have ever owned. And if you have narrow calfs like myself, you don't have to worry about the bagging and empty space. All selling points for me. 

So after falling in love with the 5050s, I tried on the Lowland thigh high boots and dropped my jaw to the floor. They were just as perfect. Ugh! They wrapped effortlessly around my leg and thigh and I instantly felt warm and cozy with them on. So me being a crazy college kid, I decided to purchase them as well. I know some of you may be shaking your head but I believe they both are a GREAT investment. So to make myself feel better, I have created 3 different looks with the Lowland to show you all and myself how far they will go in my fall and winter wardrobe. I also incorporated the funnel neck trend we have been seeing this winter because I find it very flattering with my short hair cut. Welp, lets get started!

Look 1: The simplest of them all which is obviously my favorite out of the 3. This knit funnel neck dress by Mango is the perfect staple item for the cold weather. You can style this dress in so many ways-- belt it, throw on a blazer, a sweater vest, layer it with jeans. For the purpose of this post, I decided to keep it minimalistic with a black cross body and the Lowland thigh high boots. The dress will fall slightly over the boot so tights are not necessary. 

Look 2: A very Velma inspired look. The school girl skirt adds so much character and aesthetic to the outfit. The high low sweater will give a bit more shape to the outfit as the A-line skirt could be slightly unflattering in fit. Paired with black tights and the Lowland for the chicest school girl look. 

Look 3: On the go and unbothered. This cool thrown together outfit is for the Uptowner. The cold weather can truly put a damper on your mood. These essential pieces are great to add into your wardrobe because eventually you will need them for an outfit like this one. Super easy to style and no one would ever know you have 3 day old hair. 

These are 3 great looks to show you how a chic well-made boot can completely change your winter wardrobe. Now don't get me wrong, a Sam Edelman riding boot would still do the trick but you can't beat a 5050 or Lowland Stuart Weitzman boot. 

Trust me! 

link to products:

* http://www.revolveclothing.com/stuart-weitzman-lowland-boot-in-black-suede/dp/STUA-WZ87/?d=F&source=polyvore
* http://shop.mango.com/ficha.faces;jsessionid=44ED6F81ACB0754D1BE0ECA54EAF57FF?state=she_006_IN


Jan 16, 2016

Dear Self: More Reflection

God is greater than the highs and the lows. 

Hey you. Yes you. You have been working hard and shining bright baby girl. 

You deserve a round of applause. 

Or do you? 

You have been focusing a lot on yourself and not on the one who has made everything better for you.

The one above, the highest power and the one who loves you unconditionally.

Your relationship with God has always been existent but never as strong and unbreakable as today.

Today, you feel his presence from within you. 

When you call unto him, you are calling from within because you now know that is the best way to reach him.

This relationship was one you never thought could grow so strong. 

But that is only due to the fact that you tried to focus more on other relationships.

Relationships with friends, family and those of the opposite sex.

They were unfulfilling and that bothered you. 

So you sought out a better relationship. One that would last a lifetime. 

I know you have not had the best experiences around the fake church folks and those who claim they praise him. 

And because of those experiences you distanced yourself from him unknowingly. 

You didn't want to become one of those "fake Christians" that go to church every Sunday just to talk about the latest church gossip.

You didn't want to become someone that only calls on him when you need something. Or think you need something.

You didn't want to become a beggar. 

But as you were so wrapped up in not becoming, you failed him.

You lost focus.

You lost your light and you lost your purpose. 

But you are not afraid to acknowledge your wrongdoings and change and that is the biggest step he wants you to take. 

Now that all is acknowledged, you understand the importance of this one on one relationship with God.

And you will not let anyone come between that. 

And you must know, that going to church will not make you any closer to God. 

Understand that the true house of the Lord is housed within you. 

That is all the matters, that is all the counts and that is all he cares about.

You must always remember...

God is greater than the highs and the lows. 

p.s. this will be the newest edition to my tattoo collection. coming soon! so excited. 


Jan 4, 2016

Being Free.

Photography by Joshua Shelton

Happy New Year! I know I'm a few days late but better late than never, right? I hope you enjoyed the kick off of 2016 and I wish you the very best as we journey on. Today I wanted to share a new look with you but most importantly discuss my "new year's resolution". I really do not like new year's resolutions because I find them to be misleading and staged, if that makes any sense. I think people believe that the start of a new year is the start of a new journey and to me it certainly is not. I see it as a checkpoint, where you are able to reflect on your passing year, observe your actions and tweak them accordingly based on your values of life. 

With that being said, I did my reflecting and observing these past few days and I found that there isn't much that I feel I need to tweak or change. 2015 was a hard year for me as some of you may know because I shared those moments with you, but overall I feel like I have grown and matured so much this past year. Mainly due to the fact that I have been journeying a bit differently now. I am focusing more on the true value of life which is simply and purely living. It seems so obvious but many of us are not living, we are just going through the motions of life. We focus on the future so much that we forget to enjoy the moments of right now (Drake lyric). In 2016, I vow to live for the right now, and love life as I am living it right now. I don't need a road map or a planner for this year. I'm just going with the flow of life and enjoying every single moment.

Well now that I've rambled on about that, we can discuss this new Lookbook. I truly enjoyed shooting this look with Joshua because I felt so relaxed and free. I didn't feel the need to pose perfectly in order to show off the pieces in this outfit. I wanted to share this look with you in a pure light without staged posing or strategic shooting. This look is definitely me--it fits my style and personality perfectly. The vest was featured in my Pre Fall 2015 Lookbook on my channel but realistically I never wore it until now. It has become an essential piece in my winter wardrobe. The vest is very lightweight and has a great shape to it. In order to show off the shape of the vest, I went for a more slimming tailored look underneath. 


Vest- purchased from Zara TRF Collection for $40.
Shirt- purchased from Nordstrom Rack in Free People brand for $45.
Leggings- purchased from Forever 21 for $5.90.
Shoes- purchased from The Shoe Hive on sale for $50.
Watch- Anne Klein--received as a gift. 
Bracelets- Vintage purchased from Eastern Market in D.C

I look forward to another amazing year with you.

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