Jan 25, 2016

Carnival In A Small Town

Photography by Joshua Shelton

This Lookbook is far from ordinary which is just what we need after a snowed in weekend. I for one am more than thrilled to share this Lookbook with you. This outfit was styled with my "1 shoe, 1 trend, 3 ways" post in mind. Rather than trying to explain it to you all, I figured it would be better to show you.  As mentioned in the style tip post, my 5050 boots are my current favorites for the winter. I have mainly been wearing them with leggings and oversized sweaters but paired with this midi skirt, they take on a different vibe.

I am feeling very impressionistic in this look and it did not take much to style. The key for me was to add sophistication into the outfit. The midi skirt and the boots seem a bit casual if you consider pairing it with a sweater. But when you add in the turtleneck and the blazer you take the look to a more sophisticated level. The leather gloves was simply to keep my hands from falling off in the cold, but to my surprise they fit perfectly.


Blazer- purchased from H&M for around $25.
Turtleneck- purchased form H&M for $20.
Skirt- purchased from Missguided for $20.
Boots- purchased from The Shoe Hive for $655.
Gloves- purchased from The Shoe Hive on sale for $80.


  1. Nice location. Is this the abandoned Renaissance Fair Fredericksburg?

    1. Thank you! It's actually in Downtown, DC, right next to the monument. However, the abandoned Renaissance Fair sounds interesting. That may have to be our next stop!

  2. So Beautiful, Such A Natural Beauty, Love The Style...You Are One Of A Kind Thanks for the Tips...Just Donated 3 Boxes of Clothes and Shoes...


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