Jan 16, 2016

Dear Self: More Reflection

God is greater than the highs and the lows. 

Hey you. Yes you. You have been working hard and shining bright baby girl. 

You deserve a round of applause. 

Or do you? 

You have been focusing a lot on yourself and not on the one who has made everything better for you.

The one above, the highest power and the one who loves you unconditionally.

Your relationship with God has always been existent but never as strong and unbreakable as today.

Today, you feel his presence from within you. 

When you call unto him, you are calling from within because you now know that is the best way to reach him.

This relationship was one you never thought could grow so strong. 

But that is only due to the fact that you tried to focus more on other relationships.

Relationships with friends, family and those of the opposite sex.

They were unfulfilling and that bothered you. 

So you sought out a better relationship. One that would last a lifetime. 

I know you have not had the best experiences around the fake church folks and those who claim they praise him. 

And because of those experiences you distanced yourself from him unknowingly. 

You didn't want to become one of those "fake Christians" that go to church every Sunday just to talk about the latest church gossip.

You didn't want to become someone that only calls on him when you need something. Or think you need something.

You didn't want to become a beggar. 

But as you were so wrapped up in not becoming, you failed him.

You lost focus.

You lost your light and you lost your purpose. 

But you are not afraid to acknowledge your wrongdoings and change and that is the biggest step he wants you to take. 

Now that all is acknowledged, you understand the importance of this one on one relationship with God.

And you will not let anyone come between that. 

And you must know, that going to church will not make you any closer to God. 

Understand that the true house of the Lord is housed within you. 

That is all the matters, that is all the counts and that is all he cares about.

You must always remember...

God is greater than the highs and the lows. 

p.s. this will be the newest edition to my tattoo collection. coming soon! so excited. 


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