Jan 27, 2016

SKIN PT. 3- A Social Experiment

Lets talk shall we. Women are the most amazing beings on this planet. Created to carry life and to nourish life. But men don't fully embrace "womenism" and all that it comes with, which makes us feel unworthy and unloved. This morning I woke up feeling beautiful and whole. I decided to embrace my body fully and capture the moment. I am not a nudist, I am not an advocate for young women showing off their bodies for fame or popularity but I am an advocate for inspiration and motivation.

This social experiment is to see how many people will report, hate or unfollow me because of the simple fact that I chose to publicly embrace my body. This world has completely redefined the anatomy of a woman. They see our bodies as sex symbols. Made to please them and only made to please them. News flash idiots, we are not a sex symbol.

I will not apologize if my body brings you discomfort or pleasure. I will not apologize if my body brings you confusion. I will not apologize for any of it. I am a woman. I have stretch-marks and cellulite, and I bleed each month and my nipples point outward so that they can fit easily into my future child's mouth. I am a woman. I am not a painting, a piece of art or an advertisement. I am a woman. I have bags underneath my eyes and acne on my face, and hair underneath my arms, my legs and even on my knuckles. I am a woman. I have a brain. I am a woman. I am not perfect in your eyes but I was made perfectly by God.  I am a woman who hopes to motivate other women to embrace their bodies.

Love your self babygirl.


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