Jan 23, 2016

Snow Day Clean Out

It's only day one of Snowstorm Jonas and we almost ran out of things to do. Then my mom came up with the brilliant idea to clean out her closet. We have been wanting to do this for a very long time but we could never find a good day to do so. So what better way to spend this snowed in weekend!
We really did not have any direction for this closet cleanout besides get rid of what has no purpose. My mother's closet is pretty insane! I could not get a before picture because we pretty much dove right into it. Trust me when I say, she really, REALLY needed this cleanout. She had things from years ago that still had the tags on them. But she told me in-between my "no way" and "throw it out" that she needed this clean out. She told me that she felt cleansed and liberated.
As we sorted through her clothing rack and walk in closet we made two piles. One pile would be donated to a women's shelter and Goodwill while the other pile would be consigned. We put everything that was still in style and in good condition into the consignment pile and we put everything that was fashionably expired or purposeless in her wardrobe into the donation pile. Just to give you an idea, the donation pile was much bigger than the consignment pile. She is kind of a fashion hoarder. But so am I and I am sure some of you can relate as well. This is the perfect thing to do as you are snowed in this weekend. It doesn't take long and you can make it as fun and quirky as you would like.


 Now how did we decipher through her wardrobe, you ask. It was no easy task. Especially given that she pretty much wanted to keep everything. If there was ever any question about a piece of clothing, I would ask her "when was the last time you wore it." If the answer was more than a year ago, it was no longer serving any purpose in her wardrobe. We all have those pieces that we have not worn but are just holding on to for whatever reason. It is time to let those pieces go! It may be hard to get rid of some "statement" pieces but just consider how happy they will make someone who is less fortunate. If you have jeans that are ripped, sweaters that are linty, shoes that are worn out, or clothes that are still tagged deep in your closet, most likely they are worth giving away or consigning for some extra cash.

Statement Pieces She No Longer Needs
 Statement Pieces Worth Keeping
After cleaning out her closet, 3 bins of shoes, a clothing rack and a shoe rack, she still had a great collection of staple items, knitwear, outerwear and shoes that will last her until next year's clean out. Now she is able to see all of her clothing and shoes and it only took about 2-3 hours to complete  plus it was super fun to do. You should give it a try!

Happy Snow Day Clean Out!


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