Jan 21, 2016

Snow Princess

Photography by Joshua Shelton
Happy Thursday! I hope you all are safe and cozy in preparation for this crazy snow storm that is coming our way. Lucky for me, I was able to dress up and prance around downtown before the snow fall. I haven't dressed up in a while and because I don't really go out much I took this opportunity and ran with it. Sometimes us girls need to just doll ourselves up and head out with no place to go. I know I am not the only one who does this. I love feeling like a princess and this look is my ideal snow princess attire!

All of the pieces in this look are pure perfection. I usually do not go for loud pieces in my wardrobe but I made an exception. I consider the dress, choker necklace and shoes in this outfit statement pieces. This Free People dress is the same dress I wore for my birthday in Cancún. I never considered incorporating it into my winter wardrobe until I found these heeled knee high boots from Topshop. They were the perfect match to complete the perfect look with the dress. The choker necklace is the bread and butter in the entire look. It accentuates the low v-neck and the overall design of the dress. To sum it all up, I feel nothing less than beautiful in this look.

Dress- purchased on sale for $45 from Free People
Boots- purchased from Topshop for $110
Handbag- purchased from Steve Madden for $25
Choker- purchased from Free People for $35
I hope you all enjoyed this Lookbook. I hope this inspires you all to embrace your inner snow princess this weekend. Be sure to stay safe and stay in if at all possible during this storm. Read a book, read a blog, embrace the quietness.
Much love!

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