Feb 17, 2016

Dear Self: Formation

Let's talk, shall we. 

You have some explaining to do. To me. Because you are driving me crazy with your whining and your emotions.

So let's just take a moment to chat for a bit. 

I want you to take a look at everything you are. Everything you have become. 

Take a good look.  Take a closer look. 

I mean really embrace it all.

For goodness sake.

Look at your curves. Your beautiful curves. They have so much to say. 

So why don't you let them speak?

Look at your smile. Your beautiful smile. It has the magic to turn night into day. 

So why don't you let it shine?

Look at your eyes. Your beautiful eyes. They are so daring. 

So why don't you let them see what others dare not to?

Look at your hands. Your beautiful hands. They are worthy of holding. 

So why don't you let anyone hold them?

Look at your lips. Your beautiful lips. They are like gold. 

So why don't you treat them as such?

Look at your hair. Your beautiful hair. It is simply stunning. 

So why do you call it a burden?

Look at your legs. Your beautiful legs. They are outlined like the Eiffel Tower. 

So why don't you let them be seen?

Look at your shoulders. Your beautiful shoulders. They are broad like the horizon. 

So why don't you give them the time of day?

Look at your posture. Your beautiful posture. It is as poise as a ballerina. 

So why are you afraid to walk alone?

Look at your heart. Your beautiful heart. It is oozing with love. 

So why don't you see that you are worthy of being loved?

Look at your spirit. Your beautiful spirit. It has a remarkable glow. 

So why do you doubt yourself?

Look at your strength. Your beautiful strength. It would take a village to carry the weight of your world. 

So why are you acting so weak?

Look at your accomplishments. Your beautiful accomplishments. At only 20 years old, you are juggling life remarkably.

So why do you feel inadequate?

Do you hear me? 

Girl, you better stop acting like you are useless, unworthy, not good enough, not pretty enough, not likable enough. 

Get a grip and do what Beyonce told you to do. 

Get in formation. 

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  1. How do you build courage to cut your hair off? I've been wanting to get a tapered cut for so long since I believe I need a fresh start. My hair isn't growing which I think is because of me not properly caring for it. I keep thinking about how summer is soon approaching and humidity and all of those things which causes shrinkage (that I hate!!). Like how do you go through with it and not look back? I'm struggling. Love your blog btw and hope all is well!!


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