Jul 21, 2016

The Big Apple: Mini Vacation

Day One

This past Monday and Tuesday my family and I decided to do a spontaneous road trip up to New York City. I've visited twice before but never was able to sightsee and enjoy all the touristy things, so this trip I was determined to do so. We stayed in Manhattan at the cutest hotel called The Lucerne. It was quite quaint and elegant. The rooms and bed were a little small but I guess that is normal in the big city. 

Day one consisted of mostly travel and relaxation. We arrived at our hotel around 11am and was not able to check in until 4pm (pissed) but nonetheless we made the most out of that time. We walked around Time Square and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Angelo's Pizzeria. Once we met up with our other family members it was time to head to the Yankees game. I'm not at all a baseball fan but I enjoyed just being their. 

Day Two

Day two was absolutely amazing! We got to see the true beauty of New York City. I never understood how people could do the hustle and bustle of the city every single day but I have a new found respect for them. They are living in one of the most diverse, cultural and historical places in America and that in itself is a blessing.

We woke up around 8am and headed to the Central Park Zoo. I think I enjoyed the walk to the zoo more than I did the zoo itself. Central Park was beautiful in its own right. The scenery was amazing. It held on to its calmness and that is what I loved most about it. It was the most peaceful place in the city. 

After enjoying those few moments it was time for our water tour. We were lucky enough to find a cheap coupon online for a Statue of Liberty boat tour. This was our chance to really see all that the big city had to offer. The tour was on the Hudson River so we literally could see all of the city. From the Twin Towers to million dollar homes in Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty. It was amazing and breath taking. 

I can not say much about my trip besides how enjoyable it was. I wanted to give you all a quick look since I have been away for so long. I hope you enjoy the captured beautiful scenery as much as I did. 

Until next time.

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