Oct 30, 2016

A Letter From The Editor

Journal entry date: 10/29/2016
Time: 11:13pm
State of mind: calm

This quote I read tonight really struck a nerve for me. Almost immediately after I read it, I had an immense feeling of awakening. I felt as if that quote, those words, were placed gently on that paper for me specifically to read. And what perfect timing that was. I have been saying to myself for the past few weeks that I need to focus on what I love. I need to focus on my purpose. Yet, I still haven't given it my full attention. Why is that? The easiest and simplest answer is because of fear. 

Before tonight this did not seem so clear. Before reading those words, I was lost and I didn't know why. I was searching for light in a dark room. 

But now, these words have helped me to be honest with myself and (most importantly) acknowledge the fear that continues to hold me back from trying. 

In being honest with myself, I know now that I am fearful of 3 main things when it comes to my online journal. 
1. I am fearful that my content will not be as professional as others.
2. I am fearful that my content will not be as desirable. 
3. I am fearful that people will not accept my content and vulnerability. 

I fear all of these things which sums up one main emotion or feeling: failure.

I understand that fearing failure and rejection is normal. It is okay. But, I know that I am a special being who deserves to try at her dreams. Thus, I will try and continue to try until I am happy with the person I have become. 

Tonight I affirm that by trying I am already winning. 

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