Jan 27, 2017

Queen Headwrap Tutorial

Hi loves! It has been a while, how are you guys? I hope all is well and if not, I hope things will look up for you soon. With hopes to brighten your day, I have an easy and super cute headwrap tutorial to share with you.

Today was a terrible hair day for me and we all know that bad hair days mean a bad mood which therefore leads to an overall bad day.

I know most people think that short hair and bad hair days never go together but that's false. My hair was dry, frizzy and just simply not cooperating with me today. Usually I would just wash my hair on days like today but to be honest, I just didn't feel like it. So when all things fail, headwraps will always have my back. They are a tried and true "remedy" for bad hair.

This particular headwrap was inspired by one of my Instagram crushes, Priscilla Amado. Her style is so unique and authentic and her hair is just as amazing. Often times I see her rocking these super big headwraps and always thought that I couldn't accomplish the look because of my super short hair. Well I am happy to say that I thought wrong. I was able to accomplish the look and make it my own with my super short hair.

If you are like me and have shorter hair, you may often struggle with accomplishing cute headwrap and turban styles. I have found that this is because of the fact that the scarf does not have much to work with, therefore it is hard to shape. What made this look easy to accomplish was the use of 2 scarves instead of 1. I used 1 small size scarf and 1 large/extra large scarf-- one on top of the other. The small scarf was used as a foundation for the look which made it easy to wrap the larger scarf around my head with length and a little bulkiness.

To get more details on exactly how I accomplished this quick and easy look, click the link below!


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