Mar 20, 2018

Life Update 2018

Dear You,

I know that when life happens and you aren't ready for it you feel like you are running around in circles. That's how I have been feeling lately. I have had little to no drive to do much, but eat and sleep. But today, I found clarity. I found a piece of light worth holding onto. I found a piece of my self that I missed deeply. I found hope and love and joy and I hope that you will find it soon too.

I've learned within the past 4 months that life is never a walk in the park and growth is never linear. There will always be dark spaces that we have to maneuver through even when we don't have the courage or energy to do so. Have faith and understand that the Universe knows our true power and will never throw things our way that we don't have the energy to catch nor carry. 

Know that you are not alone in your struggle. Know that you are worth the light and love you give freely to others. Know that you are deserving of true happiness. Know that you are divine. Know that you are strong. Know that you are loved.

Your's Truly,

Patience Tamarra

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